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Joel has been performing my lawn care for the last several year, and I could not be more pleased with how my lawn looks. As soon as any weeds would pop up, he would notify me and treat the lawn as quickly as possible. The lawn was mowed and edged each week in a timely manner. They never let grass clippings laying around and hauled them away. They made certain to blown and grass off the sidewalks. Joel would reach out to me each year before the season would start and make recommendations, for that year, that would help make the lawn look the best. I do recommend Joel's Lawn Care if you are seeking quality for the best price.
D Horner6 months ago
Joel's service, quality, and responsiveness are above and beyond! We would recommend the company to anyone! Ralph & Beth Davis
Ralph Davis6 months ago
My husband Steve and I have been in our home for 19 years. To be honest the two different companies we have used during those 19 years have had issues. Upon changing from one company to another the problems only got worse. Two summers in a row they had sprayed the grass and ended up killing all my wildflowers as well. Last summer and this spring/summer our lawn looked absolutely horrible with red thread and no matter what the lawn company did and no matter how many applications were done, we kept spending more money with no results. Finally this early summer we had it.....we called Joel, he came out immediately, and told us what needed to be done. In 19 years our lawn has NEVER looked as gorgeous as it does today! Honestly we're shocked!!! The great thing about Joel is he has ALL the chemicals on his truck and mixes specifically what is needed for YOUR lawn. Before we always got, "Oh I don't have that chemical on my truck, so I'll have to come back" then we would have to spend ANOTHER $120-$130 for yet ANOTHER treatment. With Joel and his riding lawnmobile (which is awesome) he covers every square inch of our yard. He also, when using pellet fertilizer, ALWAYS uses his leaf blower to blow all the little white pellets from the pavement of the driveway back up into the edge of the lawn so there isn't anything left on the pavement! I know Joel has taken some before and after pictures to share with you of our lawn.......honestly we are absolutely THRILLED with Joel and his service. With both Steve and me being realtors we are telling ALL our clients about him as well. Side note, the other thing about this young man is his absolute honesty, integrity, and wanting to give YOU the best service possible. Steve and I walk around our yard barefoot at sunset and are still just stunned every night at how lush, green, and gorgeous our lawn is....oh and Joel takes extra care not to kill any of my wildflowers too!!!!!!
I began using Joel last year. I am up on the South Hill in an area he hasn't frequently serviced, but he agreed to take the job and boy am I glad he did. His truck arrives at the same time each week and the work is performed to perfection. I can say that the yard looks fantastic each and every week - something I wasn't able to say in the past. I look forward to many more cutting seasons because I know my lawn is in good hands!
Scott Tindall5 years ago
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